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VIP апартаменты 2 ком в центре в жк "Жуковский"

VIP апартаменты 2 ко...

Dneprвулиця Василя Жуковськог...

Rooms: 2 Guests: 3

from the 1300.00 UAH/24h

3 комнатный, Таромское, Набережная ул., 28б

3 комнатный, Таромск...

DneprНабережна вулиця 28

Rooms: 3 Guests: 7

from the 1500.00 UAH/24h

Beautiful flat in Zaporizhzhya highway 48 in the house

Beautiful flat in Za...

DneprZaporiz'ke Highway 48

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 349.00 UAH/24h

2 bedroom, Hlinky Street, 2

2 bedroom, Hlinky St...

Dneprвулиця Глінки 2

Rooms: 2 Guests: 3

from the 1600.00 UAH/24h

1-room DELUXE apartment in Center of Dnepropetrovsk

1-room DELUXE apartm...

Dneprвулиця Карла Лібкнехта 1

Rooms: 1 Guests: 2

from the 550.00 UAH/24h

the apartment is located in a convenient location-right behind the Legal Academy

the apartment is loc...

DneprTeleviziina Street 2

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 330.00 UAH/24h

1 комнатная, Кирова пр., 55

1 комнатная, Кирова ...

Dneprпроспект Кірова 55

Rooms: 1 Guests: 5

from the 405.00 UAH/24h

Rent 2 bedroom apartment on Prospekt Karla Marksa

Rent 2 bedroom apart...

Dneprпроспект Карла Маркса 79

Rooms: 2 Guests: 4

from the 553.00 UAH/24h

2 комнатная, Братьев Трофимовых ул., 4

2 комнатная, Братьев...

Dneprвулиця Братів Трофімових...

Rooms: 2 Guests: 4

from the 350.00 UAH/24h

Apartment with all amenities on the Avenue of Karl Marx

Apartment with all a...

Dneprпроспект Карла Маркса 60

Rooms: 1 Guests: 3

from the 306.00 UAH/24h

The comfortable and affordable apartments in the Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk)

If you are looking for affordable and comfortable options to stay in the river, then visit ADay.com.ua, which are placed on the proposal for daily rent from property owners. You can view all the ads without commissions and will have access to the comments of the previous tenants of the apartment and contact information of the owner.

The site is very easy to use, are published only those ads that contain detailed descriptions of the property, the amenities that are in stock and residence rules, and a map with the location of the house near the Dnieper River. Therefore, the visitor develops complete picture of understanding of what was offered, and whether it is worth its money, and it can bargain with the owner to reduce the cost, without the intervention of middlemen. You will find comfortable apartments in a large bath, round the clock hot water, or a modern shower and a comfortable bed, but not a clamshell, clean linens, as well as multi-functional household appliances.

Book and rent an apartment in the Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) using ADay.com.ua site

In the past five years Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) is growing and developing, attracting business and investment, as well as creative and leisure travelers. Therefore, renting an apartment in the Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) demand without intermediaries very choice, and in accordance with the increased supply. So online ADay.com.ua have a large selection of apartments in the city center, which can be rented for a day or longer. Among the main arguments in favor of this electronic service:

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The advantages of renting an apartment in the Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) without intermediaries over other methods of placement

This city is Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) offers visitors a variety of options of accommodation, including hostels, hotels, rented apartments and apartments. And many do not know what to choose and take for himself, to save the maximum amount of money, but for the money to get everything you need to stay in the city comfortably. Most choose to book and rent apartments without intermediaries, and this can be done using ADay.com.ua. service that offers visitors a large number of interesting proposals, not only in the Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), but also in other cities of Ukraine.

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